Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More translation

This nazm was written by Rajendra Nath 'Rehbar' . I transcribed the lyrics from the version sung by Jagjit Singh, which seems to skip one stanza from the original.

जिनको दुनिया की निगाहों से छुपाए रखा
जिनको इक उम्र कलेजे से लगाए रखा
दीन जिनको जिन्हें ईमान बनाए रखा

तूने दुनिया की निगाहों से जो बचकर लिखे
साल हा साल मेरे नाम बराबर लिखे
कभी दिन में तो कभी रात को उठकर लिखे

तेरे खु़शबू में बसे ख़त मैं जलाता कैसे
प्यार में डूबे हुए ख़त मैं जलाता कैसे
तेरे हाथों के लिखे ख़त मैं जलाता कैसे

तेरे ख़त आज मैं गंगा में बहा आया हूँ
आग बहते हुए पानी में लगा आया हूँ

[ Jin ko duniya ki nigaahon se chhupaye rakha
Jin ko ik umr kaleje se lagaaye rakha
Deen jin ko jinhen eemaan banaye rakha

Tune duniya ki nigaahon se jo bachkar likhe
Saal ha saal mere naam baraabar likhe
Kabhi dine mein to kabhi raat ko uthkar likhe

Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalaata kaise
Pyaar mein doobe huye khat main jalaata kaise
Tere haathon ke likhe khat main jalaata kaise

Tere khat aaj main Ganga mein baha aaya hoon
Aag behte huye paani mein laga aaya hoon]

My translation:
Hidden from the eyes of the world, they were kept
Close to my heart for an age, they were kept
As my faith and conscience, they were kept

Concealed from the world, you wrote them
Year after year, in my name, you wrote them
During the day, sometimes at night you wrote them

Steeped in your fragrance, these letters how could I burn
Immersed in love, these letters how could I burn
Written by your hands, these letters how could I burn

Your letters afloat in the Ganga I have set
On fire, the flowing waters I have set
This has been rendered beautifully by Jagjit Singh. Listen to it here.


Anonymous said...

You are a NRI ,understand, but why do you translate the Gazals in english ? when you know Hindi well,actually my question is an absurd one, excuse me for that!
I am a fan of Jagjit and chitra singh,few songs that they recorded when they were together are also very good no.the sweetness of his voice just suits for the Gazals which portray love in every words of its nagma. since long my passion for his voice was burried in busy chore of life but after visiting this blog and clicking the ,it plays on my laptop daily :)

Ravi Kant 'Anmol' said...

you can find the full poem at\rehbarsaab