Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And now for some music

I have enjoyed listening to ghazals for many years now. Here is one that I have liked a lot, back since I first heard it around 1982.

Film: Arth
Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi
Singer: Jagjit Singh
Music: Jagjit Singh

झुकी झुकी सी नज़र बेक़रार है कि नहीं
दबा दबा सा सही दिल में प्यार है कि नहीं

तू अपने दिल की जवाँ धड़कनों को गिन के बता
मेरी तरह तेरा दिल बेक़रार है कि नहीं

वो पल कि जिस में मुहब्बत जवान होती है
उस एक पल का तुझे इंतज़ार है कि नहीं

तेरी उम्मीद पे ठुकरा रहा हूँ दुनिया को
तुझे भी अपने पे ये एतबार है कि नहीं

Jhuki Jhuki si nazar bekarar hai ki nahin
daba daba sa sahi dil mein pyar hai ki nahin

Tu apne dil ki jawan dhadkanon ko gin ke bata
meri tarah tera dil bekarar hai ki nahin

Vo pal ki jis mein muhabbat jawan hoti hai
Us ek pal ka tujhe intezaar hai ki nahin

Teri ummeed pe thukra raha hoon duniya ko
Tujhe bhi apne pe ye aitbaar hai ki nahin

My attempt at a translation:

Is the gaze, lowered, restive or not
Is the love, muffled, in your heart or not

Count your callow heartbeats and tell
Is your heart restless like me or not

The instant in which love attains youth
Do you await that instant or not

Hoping for you, I spurn the world
Do you believe in yourself as much, or not

I think I would have been unable to appreciate poetry were it not for ghazal singers like Jagjit Singh. It's not that every one of his songs is great, but sometimes, everything is just right and the result is a masterpiece.

This song qualifies as a masterpiece, in my opinion. By itself, there is nothing spectacular about the lyrics, but the melody, the music, and the words fit in perfect harmony with the gentle melancholic mood. The result is magical. Listen to it here.


Blogger amitnme said...

Another Jagjitji fan here!!
A nice attempt to translate the classic :)

12/15/2006 9:19 AM  
Blogger zorba said...

tell you the truth ,the translation of the lyrics in english sounds more beautiful then the must have heard the other songs from this film ,Tum ise tarah jo muskararahi ho kya gam hai jo chupa rahi favourate

12/18/2006 2:53 AM  

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